The Aromatic Sensory toolkit to describe and communicate about flavours

115 bottles of different “descriptors”

  • What is « Commun’ Evidence » ?
    • A universal flavour language, which allow thorough qualification of flavour perception as well as internal and external sharing of these flavours specifications.
    • A concept based on 25 years experience of flavour formulation, application and sensory analysis.
    • Using 115 bottles of different “descriptors” organised by family (e.g., meat) or by flavour note (e.g., fruity).
  • Why « Commun’ Evidence » ?

    Flavour is one of the main key drivers leading consumers to choose of a product.
    The food industry should :
    • Understand the consumers’ flavour expectations
    • Develop performing flavour profiles for their products
    • Position their products differently from competitors
    • Communicate precisely about flavours internally as well with suppliers and customers

115bottles of different “descriptors”

  • What’s the use of « Commun’ Evidence »?
    • To understand and translate the expectations of your consumers in terms of flavour
    • To precisely describe the flavour profile of your range of products
    • To organise and qualify your flavour collection
    • To communicate with internal cross functional teams e.g., R&D , Marketing and QA as well as your subsidiaries using a unique flavour sensory tool
    • To efficiently communicate about flavours with your suppliers and customers
  • « Commun’ Evidence » in your company ?
    • The first step is to share with Evidence Aromatic, your main products as well as the top tiers competitors you wish to profile
    • Evidence Aromatic Evaluate your products, and select the minimum required descriptors in order to qualitatively describe the flavour profile of these products
    • Evidence Aromatic Train your team to learn the descriptors by direct and retro-nasal olfaction
    • Evidence Aromatic Deliver a kit that include the small bottles of descriptors and the list of descriptors, with for each, the name of the flavour substance, and its dilution rate in the solvent.

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